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We are partners of our clients. Being a team of trading specialists, we help you find your required product competitively from across the globe.



We strive to meet the demands of our clients worldwide. Our every effort is to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers timely and efficiently.



The day-to- day working of the Office, as such, does not invoke strict/orthodox procedural formalities. We believe in going an extra mile for each individual client.

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Welcome to the place where ideas and planning are executed and are given ultimate test of market acceptance. We are committed and have strong belief in provision of optimal level of quality, customer satisfaction and environment protection responsibility. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY give us strength and courage to take the Group colors higher and higher.

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When you order with us, we take responsibility of our products and services. Our focus is to fulfill all your demands in the same manner as confirmed. You will get the results you want on time.

Our approach to being the most cost efficient supplier for our products make us first choice of our customers. We continue to prove that we can operate with financial benefit to our customers.

We provide expertise and genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, market or delivery method. We supply only if we are confident about quality of our product.

Our honesty is the backbone for our reputation. We adhere to the highest standards of business principles. You will find our staff compassionate and caring in all circumstances.

Simplicity and elegance in function. Let us do what we do best, saving your time and money. We fulfill our commitments efficiently and timely for our customers’ satisfaction.

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Our range of raw materials for Paint and Coating industry has earned repute and trust among our customers for long. We are considered strong supplier for paint industry in Middle East and Africa.

Various types of paints and coatings require higher expertise of usage of raw materials. We always discuss about new innovations with our customers for optimal solution. Our products come from ISO certified and well-known manufacturers to ensure quality of end product.

The main products for this industry include MEG, DEG, Phthalic Anhydride, IPA, Methanol etc. Read More

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Whereas detergents are type of surfactants that have cleaning properties in dilute solutions.

Our Ethanol Amines are used in laundry detergents, hand dishwashing detergents, degreasers, hard surface cleaners and multifunctional detergents and disinfectants. These are also used as alkali agents in automobile shampoos, general degreasers, wax removers and as corrosion inhibiting agents. We supply this industry with Mono, Di and Tri-Ethanolamine. Read More

Fertilizers are compounds in solid, liquid or gaseous form to increase fertility of soil and improve yield and output of a plant. This is the oldest industry known to human civilization. Now, technological development has improved plants ability to thrive and survive in various environments. And study of growing chemical needs of plants has empowered the development of this industry.


Modern fertilizers are composed of Primary Nutrients i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium with additional secondary Nutrients like Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and others.The use of Synthetic Fertilizers has significantly improved the quality of food today.We strive to work these products for Africa specially in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya. Our range of Fertilizers include NPK, Urea, MAP, DAP, etc. Read More

We serve various other industries with our top quality products. Our raw materials are supplied to Oil & Gas Sector, Perfume industry, Plastic manufacturers, Foam Producers and related. The main products for these include Tri Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, Ethanol, TDI 80/20, Di Octyl Phthalate etc. Read More



Their work is of such outstanding quality, they are clearly experts in their field.

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There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals.

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The creativity we encountered throughout was simply world class.

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For any manufacturing task, Factory are by far the most innovative in the industry.

Aldo Horacio

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